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This Photo of an ‘All-Crust’ Pizza Has Made a Lot of People Very Saucy

Photo TIME

'That's just a closed bread stick'
'Forget about debating which toppings belong on pizza and which don’t. If pizza enthusiasts don’t act now, “all-crust” pizzas may just become the latest trend. After New York pizzeria Cuts & Slices shared a photo on Instagram of the special request “crust only” pizza they made for rapper Jadakiss on Tuesday, the controversial shot began to go viral almost immediately. “I had to see Jadakiss’ all-crust pizza so now you do too,” Twitter user Esquvidu wrote alongside the post. I had to see Jadakiss’ all-crust pizza so now you do too pic.twitter.com/2aM4yRrkEq — Esquvidu (@broazay) July 16, 2019 Mere hours later, all-crust opponents were flooding social media with their saucy takes on the unconventional order. Some detractors simply couldn’t get over the idea of ordering a pizza-less pizza. “ I mean it’s one thing to eat the crust FIRST, but order a pizza with the pizza part cut out is … idk man I’ve never seen anything like this before,” tweeted one user. “Cursed image,” the Twitter account for the Desus & Mero show added. I mean it’s one thing to eat the crust FIRST, but order a pizza with the pizza part cut out is … idk man I’ve never seen anything like this before. https://t.co/5Ciil05oQr — gotta$$$migraine (@gxngstawifey) July 16, 2019 Cursed image https://t.co/xy8rHjH3V4 — DESUS & MERO on SHOWTIME (@SHODesusAndMero) July 16, 2019 Others couldn’t help but point out that Jadakiss could have simply ordered breadsticks instead. Responses ranged from “This man never heard of breadsticks??” to “That’s just a closed bread stick” to “ just get a baguette bro.” This man never heard of breadsticks?? — Williamson 2020 (@JCAirplane) July 16, 2019 That's just a closed bread stick — Solinaru Aquaheart🏳️‍🌈 (@nurirah0311) July 16, 2019 just get a baguette bro — Julie Gerstein (@havethehabit) July 16, 2019 Could the fight against all-crust pizza be the unifying issue of the internet age? Only time will tell.'

South West tops poll of UK’s favourite locations for photography

Photo Countryfile

The South West has been voted as the UK's favourite location for photography, with Cornwall, Devon and Dorset all proving popular with keen photographers, a survey has revealed.
'From the spectacular Cornish coast to the remote Scottish islands, Britain’s diverse scenery has inspired artists, writers and photographers for centuries. According to a new survey, the South West was voted Britain’s top location for photography in 2019, with Cornwall, Devon and Dorset holding the top three positions, while Northumberland, Norfolk and Yorkshire also ranked highly. The survey by photo specialist CEWE also revealed York to be the most beautiful city in the UK, with Stonehenge, The White Cliffs of Dover and Buckingham Palace being celebrated as Britain’s most photogenic landmarks.  UK’s favourite locations for photography   1 Cornwall     Cornwall is best known for its stunning sandy beaches and secluded coves, however the rich history of this south westerly spot means it also boasts some of the UK’s most fascinating ancient destinations. From St Michaels Mount to Prideaux Place, Cornwall has endless attractions that provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable summer holiday and photography. Carrick Roads, Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall ©Getty More related content: Guide to Britain’s best locations for landscape photography Wildlife photography guide: how to capture the perfect image Best photography courses in Britain 2 Devon   Devon is known as a county of contrasts. Not only is it home to five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but you’ll also find picturesque coastlines and breathtaking moorlands within its borders. Once praised by the acclaimed director Steven Spielberg for its abundance of natural beauty, Devon is the perfect destination for those looking to capture windswept tides and Britain’s glorious green landscape, all in one trip. PAB2GG GB – DEVON: Fishcombe Cove with Brixham Breakwater Lighthouse in background (HDR Image) 3 Dorset Thomas Hardy and Sir Walter Raleigh are just two of the iconic names tied to the spectacular Dorset landscape, and it’s no wonder: this south western county has a history of human settlement stretching all the way back to the Neolithic era. As a result, it’s home to an abundance of castles and iron-age hillforts, all situated amongst vibrant and unspoilt countryside or alongside lapping tides. Visit these spots on a sunny day for photos to impress. Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England   Somerset With its wildflower meadows and beach waterfalls, the ancient county of Somerset is one that has captured the hearts of creatives throughout history. Painted by the renowned landscape artist J.M.W. Turner in the 1800s, the quintessentially English Somerset beaches are still considered some of the most picturesque in the country and make the perfect location for landscape photography in the present day. The historic Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England. 4 Northumberland Spend a day in a bustling market town, then head through the sweeping scenic countryside to discover Northumberland’s rich historical heritage. The county is home to a wealth of peaceful walking trails that’ll allow you to discover spots worthy of more than one photo, including Hadrian’s wall and the Tyne Valley. Hadrian’s Wall is a World Heritage Site in the beautiful Northumberland National Park. Popular with walkers along the Hadrian’s Wall Path and Pennine Way'

There’s a super realistic action figure of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and people are confused and creeped out by it

Photo Business Insider UK

An highly-detailed action figure of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was recently sent to journalists.It seems to be based on a photo Bezos posted last year.
'A mobile shopping company recently sent an action figure of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to journalists, as The Verge reported.The toy is highly detailed and appears to be based on a photo Bezos posted to Twitter last year.Some expressed confusion over why the doll exists and appeared to find its accuracy creepy.Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.Given his status as being the head of the world’s most valuable company and the richest person on Earth , it’s not surprising that Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has been the subject of many books, magazine covers, and news documentaries.What is surprising, however, is that there is now an action figure version of him too.A mobile shopping company called Ntwrk recently sent The Verge a doll of Bezos, which is seemingly based on a photo he tweeted of himself last year walking alongside Spot , the robotic dog made by Boston Dynamics known for its lifelike movements.The action figure is incredibly detailed and depicts Bezos wearing jeans, a black shirt, and a cutoff vest and boots – the same exact outfit he was seen wearing in the photo.The figure also comes with interchangeable hands that are detachable, according to a tweet posted by The Verge’s Sarah Smithers.Little else is known about the doll, such as how much it costs, where it’s sold, or why it exists.A product listing for the action figure could not be found on Ntwrk’s website.Business Insider has reached out to Ntwrk to received additional details about the action figure and will update this post accordingly with more information.Read more: A better version of Amazon’s wildly popular Echo smart speaker could be coming soon Received this Jeff Bezos action figure in the mail today, he has very detailed, veiny abs, and comes with detachable fists so he can crush unions.In completely related news, I hate everything! pic.twitter.com/zIZYFx5Z7I — Sarah (@SarahMSmithers) July 8, 2019 Reactions to the doll have been mixed, with some finding its high level of detail creepy and others expressing confusion over why it was created.There is an action figure of Jeff Bezos.I wonder if it will work as a Voodoo Doll? https://t.co/vPBpNRJdwp — Chris A.Masters (@Chris_A_Masters) July 15, 2019 Good morning to everyone except whoever created this Jeff Bezos action figure and paired it with a Boston Dynamic robodog pet.I can have my own nightmares without adding this to the repertoire, thank you very much 😱 pic.twitter.com/xQ83Cyrst5 — Flavia Dzodan (@redlightvoices) July 15, 2019 The Jeff Bezos action figure is straight nightmare fuel pic.twitter.com/XcWXeWpt7W — Jacob Voss (@JacobVossFilm) July 14, 2019 Hey, so uh, what the fuck https://t.co/EfygjeKR6y — AnEntireSkeleton (@AWholeSkeleton) July 15, 2019 A Small Soldiers reboot where Bezos plays the Commando leader Chip Hazard is making more sense the more I think about it https://t.co/MYas5ilYba — nicholas kennedy (@nickkennedy) July 14, 2019 Someone made an action figure of a billionaire and no one knows why it exists. https://t.co/lAxCAfyqTo — James Pinnell (@JamesPinnell) July 14, 2019 It’s not the first time the Amazon CEO has been depicted as a toy.A photo of Bezos in action figure form was included in Fast Company’s list of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2018, in which Amazon placed as number five.But as is the case with the figure The Verge obtained, few details about it are available.If the action figure isn’t realist enough, there’s always this life-sized cutout of Bezos.You can buy it, of course, on Amazon. . The post There’s a super realistic action figure of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and people are confused and creeped out by it appeared first on Business Insider Nederland .'