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The Future Of Enterprise Computing Starts Now

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Gone are the days when IT operated in a dark, back-office environment, where they had little to no impact on the business or the employees they serve.
'Gone are the days when IT operated in a dark, back-office environment, where they had little to no impact on the business or the employees they serve.IT leaders now see themselves as fundamental pillars of the business, moving from simple IT operation to the more complex IT orchestration, where they are actively serving business needs.Whether that need is to improve employee productivity or enhance customer experience, IT is at the forefront.When it comes to enabling employees with new devices, IT leaders are embracing new, innovative strategies for device deployment to increase automation, improve self-service, and enhance their capacity for innovation.The best part?The technology and processes involved with this change are now mature enough to support this shift.If your organization is considering changing its device deployment strategy in the next five years, it’s time to revise that timeline, because the change is now necessary.Learn more about Dell solutions powered by Intel® . The post The Future Of Enterprise Computing Starts Now appeared first on Computer Business Review .'

With No Access to Education, Rohingya Refugee Children Face an Uncertain Future

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'Giving Compass’ Take: • Research shows that the longer Rohingya refugee children go without access to education, the more uncertain their future is, and the more at risk they are of becoming a lost generation. • The author notes that Rohingya refugees are not granted official refugee status in Bangladesh, they are not permitted to attend local schools in that country.They can attend learning center classes within the refugee camps hosted by the United Nations Children’s Fund and other partners.However, these classes are only for part of the day and are not as substantial as a high school diploma.What other options do these children have to obtain a more formal education?  •  Here are some stories about the Rohingya refugee children from the #SpaceOnEarth campaign.The boy’s eyes lit up when he talked about his dream of becoming a doctor.Seven-year-old “Mohammad” – not his real name – is a Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar.I met him at a learning center at a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, in early July 2019.After sharing his aspirations, Mohammed quickly remembered reality. “I know my dreams will never come true,” he said with a faint smile.Refugee crisis of global proportions Mohammed is among the more than 700,000 Rohingya who have taken refuge in Bangladesh after an ethnic cleansing campaign of rape, killing and torture by the Myanmar military in mid-2017.They joined the more than 200,000 Rohingyas who had previously fled Myanmar’s brutal efforts to rid the Buddhist-majority country of this marginalized Muslim minority . Of the newly arrived Rohingya , three-quarters are women and children, according to the United Nations . In a noteworthy humanitarian gesture, the Bangladeshi government has given refuge to these persecuted people.Aided by Bangladeshi community organizations, various UN agencies and other international donors , the Rohingya have been receiving shelter, food, clothes and basic health care since the massive exodus in 2017.This essential care, which cost an estimated US$920.5 million in 2019 represents a gargantuan global effort.Still, the resources are woefully inadequate . Most Bangladeshi refugee camps are overcrowded and, as a result, unhygienic . Residents survive on the absolute bare minimum of nutrition and other necessities.Monsoon rain , cold and landslides are everyday threats for these Rohingya, as I’ve witnessed firsthand during my visits to Bangladeshi camps in 2017 and 2019.It is a dismal existence for all.But it is the plight of the roughly 500,000 Rohingya children living in limbo that strikes me as bleakest.Concerns of a lost generation Research shows that future of refugee children grows more imperiled the longer they remain out of school . In many countries that host substantial refugee populations, including Turkey, Lebanon and Uganda, the United Nation’s refugee agency and the United Nations Children’s Fund ensure children receive a quality, full-time education, either at the camps or in nearby public schools.Even so, just 23% refugee children worldwide are enrolled in secondary school, according to the UN’s High Commission on Human Rights . Just 1% attend university.Because Bangladeshi authorities have not granted the Rohingya official refugee status and consider them instead “forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals,” the roughly 500,000 Rohingya children in the country have no access to a formal education . Rohingya children are not permitted to attend Bangladeshi public schools.The United Nations Children’s Fund and its partners offer Rohingya refugees aged 4 to 14 two-hour daily lessons on Burmese, English, math and life skills at about 1,600 learning centers located at the camps . These classes keep about 145,000 Rohingya children – or about 30% of the Rohingya youngsters in Bangladesh – occupied for part of the day but do not provide the kind of formal education that will allow the children to work toward a high school degree and enter the job market.The camps offer no schooling at all for Rohingya refugee adolescents aged 15 to 18.Some teenagers, mostly boys, have turned to madrassas , or Islamic learning centers, where they can receive a religious education.The remaining Rohingya children who attend neither UNICEF classes nor madrassas are simply left to fill their own day.At the Rohingya camps, I saw boys working in shops, playing cards or sitting idle at all hours of the day.When I asked Mohammad what he does when he is not in school, he told me that he “takes care of his family.” “I play with the other kids, too,” he added with a grin.Adolescent girls, I learned, are often kept at home by their parents because of the Rohingya’s conservative social and religious norms.The camps can also be dangerous for girls.Human traffickers have been known to target young Rohingya women , promising them jobs outside the camps.Girls face other forms of violence and human rights abuse at Bangladesh’s camps, too, including child marriage . Rohingya repatriation Growing up in unstable conditions, with no possibility of study , Rohingya children like Mohammed are at risk of becoming a lost generation . Their limbo may not last forever.In response to heightened international pressure, Myanmar in November 2017 agreed to take the Rohingyas back starting November 2018 . However, their return was postponed due to protests by the refugees, who feared conditions in Myanmar was not yet safe . The United Nations and other international refugee services have also voiced concern about sending the Rohingya back, saying there was no indication that the Myanmar government had punished the people responsible for the crimes in Rahkine state, nor agreed to give the Rohingya citizenship.Considered foreigners in both Myanmar, their native country, and Bangladesh, where they’ve sought refuge, the Rohingya Muslims are the world’s largest stateless people . While the negotiations for their repatriation continue , a generation of traumatized Rohingya children wait for their futures to begin . This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license.Read the original article . The Conversation is a nonprofit news source dedicated to spreading ideas and expertise from academia into the public discourse.   . The post With No Access to Education, Rohingya Refugee Children Face an Uncertain Future appeared first on Giving Compass .'

Tyler Bate EXCLUSIVE: Working with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff, future in WWE and more

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Tyler Bate rose to prominence when he won the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Tournament back in January 2017. Two-and-a-half-years later and Bate has been apart of nearly every major milestone that has put NXT UK where it is today. Now, he is going to
'Tyler Bate rose to prominence when he won the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Tournament back in January 2017. Two-and-a-half-years later and Bate has been apart of nearly every major milestone that has put NXT UK where it is today. Tyler Bate, the first WWE UK Champion Now, he is going to headline NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff against current NXT UK champion WALTER on August 31. The first-ever WWE UK champion spoke to talkSPORT ahead of his main event clash and talked about the 22-year-old’s career thus far. Hi Tyler, so what can fans expect from your clash with WALTER? You’ve faced off a couple of times before, notably in Progress at Hello Wembley, but this is your first time together on this platform. I don’t really want to tell fans what to expect from the main event. I don’t want to ruin any surprises. But, they can expect the absolute best quality professional wrestling they have ever seen. I honestly love working with WALTER. He’s an amazing opponent. I was always looking forward to one day having a main event calibre match with him. You’ve told us before that it’s not necessarily titles and accolades that motivate you, so what is it you enjoy about wrestling? It’s more just keeping things fresh really. Mixing things up, travelling to new places and facing new opponents. Being able to sink my teeth into new and different, unique storylines. As long as I’m busy and involved in thing and keeping things fresh, that’s the part I enjoy most about it, to be honest. Because wrestling is limitless really; we can do anything we want in the world and we can tell any story we want. Tyler Bate makes up British Strong Style with Pete Dunne and Trent Seven WWE You were a solo star so young, but you’ve spent the past couple of years teaming with Trent Seven to great success. Are you glad your career has gone this way? I think me and Trent complement each other very well when we’re a tag team. We make up for each other’s lack of things and help each other get better, too. I tend to be the more athletic one, he tends to be the talker a lot of time and we learn from each other in that sort of way. Being able to have a good run as a tag team has been really good. It means I still have loads of possibilities as a singles wrestler as well and I haven’t blown that out of the water already. We still have so much more we can do. When did you find out you were going to win the United Kingdom tournament? Well, I found out on the day! It shows how things can change in an instant. I don’t think anybody knew what the result was when we started, but then after the first day… you’ve just got to listen to the fans really. How did it feel to get backing from the likes of Triple H and William Regal, for you to be their poster boy? 100 percent [felt the backing]. I could feel it from them, but the fans as well. Their job is to listen to the fans and give them what they want. I feel like on that weekend, we definitely did. Following your magical match with Pete Dunne in Chicago for NXT, did you realise what you had just done when you walked back through the curtain? No, we really had no idea the impact that match would have on not only our careers, but the whole future of NXT UK. It was almost skyrocketed because of that match. Me and Pete went out thinking we were just putting on a great match for the fans. I think the fans didn’t really know who we were. They weren’t that familiar with either of us, so they weren’t really expecting a lot. But when we really showed everyone what we can do, it just surprised them and blew them away. We ended up winning Match of the Year that year. Tyler Bate in NXT UK action WWE There’s a few matches that I’d put on that career-changing level. The TakeOver one with Pete for sure, winning the NXT Tag Team titles at Royal Albert Hall is another and the first UK TakeOver tag match against the Grizzled Young Vets. Those are three of my favourite matches and they’ve had the biggest impact on my career. And it’s exactly what I’m planning on with Walter. I’m planning on it being a match that changes the tide of my career for the better. How has it been working with the likes of Triple H and Shawn Michaels so closely? They’ve been a massive help. Me especially, I feel like they’ve had a huge impact on my growth as a performer. Being around them has made me a much more emotional performer, rather than just another wrestler who can do moves. That’s the biggest, most important difference they’ve made. I feel like right now, I’m the best performer I’ve ever been. The natural progression for your career would see you on the main roster one day. You talk about how much you love new experiences, is that one you want? I’m definitely not rushing towards it, but I’m always up for it if the opportunity arises. It’s not really something I’m adamant on doing, but I’d never say no to the opportunity. There’s more things to see, there’s more people to wrestle against and you get to experiment with stuff. One day when I feel like I’m done with NXT UK, maybe that will be the case. Moustache Mountain features Tyler Bate and Trent Seven When we ask a lot of main roster superstars who they would like to face in the company, your name often comes up. So let’s flip the question, who would you like to sink your teeth in to? I feel like Cesaro is an obvious one. That would be a fun match to play with. I’d like to do Finn Balor and maybe something a bit unique as well, maybe a Bray Wyatt, The Fiend. You know what, give me Shane McMahon as well! That would cetainly be fun. We could do this all day, me and Brock Lesnar would be fun as well. NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff will stream LIVE on the award-winning WWE Network, August 31. Last tickets are still available from:  https://motorpointarenacardiff.co.uk/whats-on/nxt-uk-live'