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Carnivorous plant pot display

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Plant up a container of carnivorous plants to entertain the kids and catch flies. We show you how.
'Carnivorous plants are easy to grow in containers and can help control whitefly in the greenhouse, or fruit fly in the home. In the example given below, we’re growing sarracenias and cobra lilies in an old ceramic sink, which will spend most of the day in full sun. The most important thing you need when growing carnivorous plants, is a steady supply of rainwater. Without a water butt you’ll struggle to provide the right conditions – chlorinated tap water will eventually kill your plants. Carnivorous plants grow best in a low-nutrient medium, such as peat. If, for environmental reasons, you would prefer not to use peat, try Moorland Gold , which is derived without damage to peat bogs. Insect-trapping plants There are more than 300 species of carnivorous plant to choose from. Those listed below are all easy to grow, and can be kept in a cool greenhouse over winter. Trumpet pitcher or huntsman’s horn ( Sarracenia flava ) Sundew ( Drosera ) Venus flytrap ( Dionaea muscipula ) Butterwort ( Pinguicula ) Cobra lily ( Darlingtonia )'