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Waugh is a surname (, or the Scots pronunciation sounding like "Woch" as in the Scots "Loch" derived from the proto-Germanic Walhaz, and may refer to:Andrew Scott Waugh, British Indian surveyor Arthur Waugh, English author and publisher Alec Waugh, British novelist Evelyn Waugh, British novelist Auberon Waugh, British journalist and satirist Alexander Waugh, son of Auberon Waugh Daisy Waugh, daughter of Auberon Waugh Arthur James Waugh, Lord Mayor of Coventry 1962 and City Father Benjamin Waugh, Victorian social reformer Beverly Waugh, American bishop Bronagh Waugh, a Northern Irish actress Catherine Waugh McCulloch, American lawyer David Waugh, English professional footballer Devlin Waugh, fictional comic book character Duncan Waugh, Canadian actor Edwin Waugh, English poet Frank Albert Waugh, American landscape architect Frederick Judd Waugh, American marine painter and camouflage artist Hillary Waugh, American mystery novelist Howard Waugh, Canadian Football League player and 1st 1000-yard rusher Hubert Waugh, English cricketer Keith Waugh, English-born footballer, whose clubs included Peterborough United and Bristol City Mark Waugh, Australian cricketer Phil Waugh, Australian rugby union footballer Pia Waugh, Australian policy advisor Reuben Waugh, Canadian politician Rick Waugh Deputy Chairman of Scotiabank Richard Waugh, voice actor Samuel Waugh, 19th-century American painter Scott L. Waugh, American historian and academic administrator. Steve Waugh, Australian cricketer Warwick Waugh, retired Australian rugby union player