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In brief:

  • We never share your information with third parties.
  • We store information about you only for the purpose of making the service better for you.
  • We use cookies and local storage of information on your computer solely for the purpose of giving you a better experience of Njus services.

Privacy Policy

We perform all collection and processing of personal data in accordance with applicable privacy protection legislation, including the GDPR. We strive to minimize the information we deal with about you and we never sell your information to third parties. The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe in a clearest way as possible how we collect and use personal data and what you as a user have the right to request from us regarding that management.

Your visit to this site and all websites operated by Njus Media AB are subject to the following conditions. It is also Njus Media AB, org no 559079-0027, who is responsible for the personal data processing of personal data.

You can always contact us through our data protection agent via e-mail gdpr@njus.me in matters concerning our processing of personal data.

In order to ensure that the possibility of exercising your rights in accordance with applicable privacy law shall be abused by someone else for your detriment, we have, according to applicable privacy protection legislation, a responsibility to ensure your identity in the case of contacts. Depending on what the contact refers to, we may therefore require that you can adequately prove your identity.

This site is owned and operated by Njus Media AB, Reg. No. 559079-0027, c / o Klok Redovisning AB, Univeristetsallen 22b, 852 34 Sundsvall ("Njus" or "we").

The following description refers to the web pages that are under a specific domain, such as njus.me. Web page refers to the individual, separate pages that, like this page, are located under a specific domain.

We can offer you the opportunity to connect to our sites or to use our applications, services and tools via a mobile device, either through a mobile application or through a mobile site. The provisions of this privacy policy also apply to all mobile access and use of mobile devices.

Some pages on our sites contain links to third-party websites. These websites have their own privacy policies, and Njus is not responsible for their activities, including but not limited to their information practices. Users submitting information to or through these third-party websites should review the privacy policies of the websites before any personal information is sent to them.


By registering on any of the Njus websites and actively opting in to Njus to save your personal data, you agree that you have read this privacy policy and agree that your data will be processed as described here. If you do not agree to the privacy policy, do not use our services. You can also choose to have your data sent and deleted. Please note that the terms of the privacy policy may change at any time. You should therefore read these terms and conditions periodically to make sure that you are satisfied with the changes.

About cookies
We and our service providers use so-called cookies on our websites. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website to your browser. The cookie cannot identify you personally, but only the browser that is installed on your computer and that you use during the visit to the current web page (including tablets and phones with internet connection). Thus, different cookies exist on different computers in case you use different computers to reach our websites.

Cookies are sent to you from the site you visit (so-called first-party cookie) or from another organization that provides services to the site in question, such as an analysis and statistics company (so-called third-party cookie). There are two kinds of cookies, one type is called session cookies and the other is called a permanent cookie. A session cookie is sent to your computer for the web pages to work correctly during your visit. A session cookie is not stored on your computer, but disappears when you close your browser. However, a permanent cookie is stored in your computer and, for example, allows a web page to recognize your computer's IP address and thus your web browser the next time you log in. We only use permanent cookies on our websites.

Most browsers have a default setting that accepts the use of cookies. You can easily refrain from having our web pages store cookies on your computer by making a setting in your browser, including blocking cookies or deleting the cookies stored on your computer. Please note that if you choose not to allow cookies, certain functionalities on our sites may cease to function safely and correctly and some services may not be provided. How to delete or change the settings for cookies is specified in the instructions to your browser or in the help function normally available in the browser.

Copyright and Trademarks

For all content irrespective of form on Njus web pages, copyright Njus Media AB applies unless otherwise stated. This means that all content in the form of, for example, different types of texts, films, articles, reports, audio loops, radio, brands, graphics and illustrations are legally protected by law (1960: 729) on copyright and by brand law (1960: 644 ) unless otherwise stated.

The material published via Njus web pages is Njus's property or property of a third party with which Njus cooperates and may not be used by you in addition to what is required for the use of the websites according to applicable conditions. You therefore do not own the right to copy, distribute, forward or otherwise make material available without Njus's written consent.

Njus reserves the right, without limitation to time, to use and publish submitted material to the web pages of its visitors (so-called user-generated content described below), for example images, text comments and the like.

User Generated Content and netiquette

User-generated content refers to all such content that the site's visitors create or upload to the site. Ie all content not created by Njus. For example, uploaded images and text in the form of comments on articles are user generated content.

When you use functionality on Njus websites where user-generated content can be created such as forums, comments on blogs, etc., you as a private person participate directly with content that you yourself are responsible for and which you as the user of the website can be held accountable for. This content does not apply to the publisher responsibility that otherwise applies to Njus websites. You have no message protection and we cannot guarantee your anonymity even if we try to secure it as much as possible.

Under no circumstances should user generated content contain:

  • Hate against people or other content of racist or offensive character.
  • Abusive information such as slander or insult, threats, personal mockery or offensive information
  • Call for criminal action.
  • create violence, pornography, or child pornography.
  • Data constituting copyright infringement.
  • Spread of computer viruses and mass mailings, so-called spam.
  • Program code that can be harmful and affect the site's functionality in some way.
  • Promotions on sexual services, surveys, own competitions, direct mail, bulk mailing, private ads or the like.

If you, as a user of Njus websites, have the slightest doubt about the meaning of the above, please refrain from contributing with content.

Njus has the right, but not the obligation, to, immediately or completely or in part, remove or not transmit user-generated content that is wholly or partially in violation of these terms. In the event that such abuse would nevertheless arise, Njus is entitled to take the necessary measures to prevent the abuse. Such measures can include turning off or limiting you as a user or member. In case of more serious violations, legal action may also be brought to light, which Njus - if possible - in such cases announces that it intends to take such measures.

See paragraph Copyright and Trademarks on User Generated Content Rights.

Registration Details

In cases where functionality on the websites requires registration, it is of the utmost importance that you do not submit your username and password to unauthorized persons and at all times check so that unauthorized persons cannot make use of the information you stated in your registration in order to publish to be you. This is because you as a user are personally responsible for everything that is written and ordered from the registration you create. Therefore, do not forget to log out when leaving the computer and be careful if you use auto login, for example.

Njus reserves the right to refuse and remove inappropriate and offensive usernames.

In cases where functionality is done in collaboration with external suppliers, in these cases it may mean that previously registered data for any of Njus's websites cannot be used. Then the partner partner's routines apply. With functionality that is done in collaboration with external suppliers, the following may be meant, but also other forms of collaborations, - technical or commercial, which relate to how the websites' services work: Syndication of program code via RSS ("RDF Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication") , XML ("Extensible Markup Language", so-called iFrames or similar so-called web feeds that make content or services with an external supplier presented in an integrated manner via the website from Njus, so-called Content Syndication).

Personal Data

This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, save, release and protect your personal information. As mentioned above, Njus's personal data manager is responsible for the treatment and follows all the Swedish laws and regulations, including GDPR, which are available to protect the privacy of individuals.

The overall purpose of our processing of your personal data is to be able to manage your access to, and your use of, our services and to develop and improve our business and your customer experience.

Personal Data Collection

We collect personal information about you directly from you when you use our digital services. We strive to minimize the information we handle and we never sell your personal information to other companies.

Your personal data will be deleted or anonymized when they are no longer relevant for the purposes for which they were collected.

We do not save or process account or credit card information. All payments are handled by our partners BrainTree, PayPal and Billogram.

When registering an account to communicate with you and targeting you.

  • Category of personal data; name and email address
  • Legal grounds; Compliance with agreements. The information is required for you to be able to log in via another device and be able to log in later. If the information is not provided, our commitments cannot be fulfilled and we are then forced to deny you membership.
  • Storage period; As long as membership lasts. Membership can be terminated by you under "Settings" or if you have been inactive (not using the service) for a period of 36 months.

When you act as a registered user
When you as a registered and logged in user use the service we save information on how to navigate the service, which locations, categories and articles you are interested in etc. The purpose of this is that we want to be able to provide you with recommendations, custom services and relevant ads based on your interests and your choices when using our services. There may be recommendations for articles, newspapers and ads in different formats based on what you have seen before or what other users with similar behavior patterns have shown interest in. The information also means that we can deliver digital advertising campaigns that are adapted to each individual user so that you can get relevant ads based on your profile.

  • Category of personal data; Purchase history and user-generated data, such as click and visit history
  • Legal grounds; Compliance with agreements. The information is required for you to be able to log in via another device and be able to log in later. If the information is not provided, our commitments cannot be fulfilled and we are then forced to deny you membership.
  • Storage period; As long as membership lasts. Membership can be terminated by you under "Settings" or if you have been inactive (not using the service) for a period of 36 months.

Legal commitment
Your personal information is also used by us in order to be able to fulfill our legal obligations, for example. regarding accounting.


We are concerned that your personal data will be processed safely. To prevent unauthorized use or exposure of your personal data, we use reasonable physical, technical and organizational security measures in relation to the amount and sensitivity of personal data.

Control over your personal information
Once per calendar year, you can request information about which personal data we have registered about you and how these are used, after the signed application signed to us according to the contact information below. You may at any time change your personal information in your account settings or request that personal data that is incorrect, incomplete or misleading be corrected or deleted by contacting customer service as below. In order to protect your privacy and your personal information, we may require you to identify yourself in connection with our assistance.

End use of personal data etc.
You can revoke your consent at any time by contacting customer service as below. Such revocation can be done in whole or in part. If you revoke your consent for the use or disclosure of your personal data for any other purpose set forth in this Privacy Policy, this may imply that we may not continue to give you access to our sites or provide services and customer service offered to our users and permitted under this Privacy Policy. privacy policy.


If you have any questions related to this privacy policy, if you find that there may have been a breach of the same or if you want to contact us for any reason stated in this Privacy Policy, please contact our customer service at the following email address, support@njus. me, or via the web.


Njus cannot be held liable for damages that are caused, directly or indirectly, by the fact that you as a user use our websites. Njus makes no guarantees regarding availability or function.

Njus cannot be held responsible for the legality of the content of the websites we link to from our websites. We also cannot guarantee that published links will work.

Njus cannot be held responsible for any kind of loss that is related to your use of the content of the websites operated by Njus. This disclaimer covers both direct and indirect losses and includes losses caused by disruptions, non-availability of websites, and the like.

Njus assumes responsibility for the membership register in the event of; sabotage / hacking or other external influences that are beyond our control or event which is to be regarded as force majeure.

Njus is a Swedish company. The users outside Sweden's border are themselves responsible for ensuring that the rules, laws and regulations that are there for each time are followed.